Vima Church Leadership Academy

VLA (Vima Leadership Academy) is an intentionally curated learning experience for those seeking to grow in Biblical understanding and ministerial leadership. This program is designed to journey through the depths of scripture while also releasing the God-given ministry potential in your life.

On Tuesday, August 30 at 6:30pm we’ll be hosting a Preview Night to answer all your questions and give you a more in-depth look at VLA.

Overview & Costs

VLA is a one-year (three semester) commitment that meets weekly on Tuesday. The first trimester will begin mid-September and the last one will end mid-June.

Each trimester is 8 weeks long and has two main veins of teaching: Biblical and Leadership. The classes are taught by Vima staff as well as other professors, pastors, and professionals. There is no homework, no papers, no tests. There is a pass or fail system but our commitment was to create a learning experience that can coincide with your work, family, classes, etc.

Our commitment has been to make this valuable, developmental, simple, and affordable. The cost is $250 per trimester ($750 for the entire year). We will have plans available for weekly or monthly payments. There is also a $50 application fee/deposit when enrolling. *Some scholarship and discounts available 

Leadership & Vision

Vima Leadership Academy has been a dream of Pastor Jon & Stephanie’s since the launch of Vima Church. For years, they have invested in young adults and leaders with a desire to see them grow into their greatest potential.¬†

VLA is the part of the vision of this house, to see believers take their next step in their faith journey. Maybe for you today, your next step is to take a deeper dive in ministry leadership with us. 

What will I learn?

VLA runs in two educational legs. Our first priority is to give you a deeper spiritual understanding through the systematic teaching of God’s Word, starting with hermeneutics, then working through the Old and New Testament, and finally diving into catechisms.

Our second leg will focus on developing you as a leader in three ways: personally, professionally and pastorally.

Each Tuesday night will have two classes, one leadership and one Biblical. These are designed to help you grow in “wisdom and stature, with God and man.”

Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate of Ministry Leadership.