“Heart for the House” is our annual vision miracle offering at Vima Church.


We believe what God has called us to do, we will do together. Our vision is to see Wichita and the world to experience the real Jesus. Meaning we desire to see every person truly impacted back the Gospel, to see it transform their lives, their families, their perspectives and more.

We only request that you do three things: 1) PRAY and ask God what He would have you give 2) COMMIT to what God has spoken to you and prepare your offering 3) GIVE together (weekly, monthly, one-time gift).

OUR KIDS & students


• PreK-K5 Ministry Experience

• Updated Kids Check-in

• Summer Kids Experience

• Resources for student ministry

• Middle School ministry opps



• Primary Tenancy Potential

• Facility beautification updates

• Bibles on campus for all ages

• Increase staffing for care, leadership, training, discipleship and more

• Weekly baptisms (baptismal)



• Regular support for local ministry partners (HIA, Embrace, Rescue Mission, YL, CarePortal, & more)

• Local school continued support and care for teachers, students, and property

• Egg the Park 2.0 (double last yr)

• Serve Day 2.0 (double last yr)

• Giving Hope at Christmas 



• Prison Ministry Support and Trip

• Amazon River Outreach – Water Wells, Groceries, Pastors Conf, and more

• Israel Ministry Support


$114,486 Given of the $150,000 goal